Beautiful, Pain-Free Feet are Just a Few Steps Away

One of the greatest benefits of living in Scottsdale is that we have beautiful weather all year round.  Unfortunately, unsightly and embarrassing foot conditions keep many people from fully enjoying all that Arizona has to offer. Whether you’re afraid to go out in public in sandals or take your shoes off at the pool, our patients are discovering that life in Arizona is much more fulfilling without the embarrassment and shame over problems with their feet. In fact, for many common foot problems, a simple cosmetic procedure can correct the issue.

Laser Nail Therapy

Nail fungus is a very common condition that can cause your toenails to become yellow or discolored. In advanced infections, the nail can become thick and may even separate from the nail bed. These types of fungal infections can cause a lot of pain while walking and wearing certain shoes.

In as little as 30 minutes, our Cutera Genesis laser treatment kills the pathogens that cause nail fungus without discomfort. An innovative breakthrough in treating nail fungus, the laser’s frequency shines through the toenail and vaporizes the fungus embedded in your nail bed and nail plate.

Although laser treatment kills the fungus, it takes time for the new nail to grow and replace the old one. Typically, it takes about three laser treatments for it to be the most effective. We have also discovered that our cure rate with laser treatment is much higher than that of oral medications. More importantly, laser toenail fungus treatment doesn’t have dangerous side effects like those caused by oral medications.

Don’t let unsightly toenail fungus prevent you from baring your feet anymore. Find out if laser nail therapy is right for you!

Toenail Restoration

KeryFlex is a cosmetic treatment we use to instantly restore the appearance of natural toenails that have been affected by fungus, psoriasis, or trauma to the nail bed.  It is a safe, in-office application that creates an artificial nail to protect the nail bed as it heals.

Much like the process of creating gel nails used in the salon, this medical-grade resin creates a flexible, non-porous nail that looks and acts just like your natural toenail.  The nail is durable and unaffected by acetone, nail polishes or detergents, so you can feel comfortable applying your favorite polish, or just going bare.

We use the KeryFlex nail in combination with oral anti-fungal therapies as well as with laser fungal treatments. It is also a great solution for patients who have experienced nail bed trauma through injury or overuse, and even those who have experienced tissue damage caused by conditions like psoriasis. Our patients are thrilled to be able to return to wearing their favorite open toed shoes and sandals immediately after leaving our office.

Don’t live with the embarrassing appearance of unappealing toenails anymore. Find out if KeryFlex is an ideal treatment for you!

Fat Pad Restoration

Does it always feel like you’re walking on rocks?  Over time, you can begin to lose the natural fat and collagen on the bottom of your feet through a condition called fat pad atrophy. This often results in the feeling that you are walking right on the bone. Another symptom of fat pad loss is thick, hard calluses that return after every time you have them removed. This uncomfortable condition can cause extreme pain on the ball of your foot, often preventing you from wearing your favorite high heels and sandals.

Fortunately, we can restore and rejuvenate the cushioning on the ball of your foot by creating an artificial fat pad during a simple, in-office procedure. With fat pad restoration, we remove the painful calluses and corns, and fill the area with a commonly known facial filler called Radiesse®. Best of all, there’s no down time! You’ll walk out of the office in comfort and with confidence.

Don’t let foot discomfort prevent you from walking tall in your favorite high heels.  Find out if fat pad rejuvenation is right for you!